41 Years of Experience and Expert Engineer Staff

Founded in 1980, Çinkanlar Chemicals has assumed a leading position in the growing recycling business in Turkey as a mature company with international experience and knowledgeable environmental and chemical engineers.

Çinkanlar Chemicals performs its operations by means of an experienced team and with the confidence of our customers. The waste collection, separation and recycling activities are carried out from the company´s 36,000 m2 site in Izmir Kemalpaşa Industrial Zone with the below licenses obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

– Category I. and II. Waste Oil

– Waste Solvent

– Waste Paint

– Waste Paint Sludge

– Waste Powder Paint

– Waste Emulsion

– Containers contaminated by hazardous substances (barrels, IBC, drums, etc.)

Our Vision

Çinkanlar Chemicals is dedicated to working for a better environment and seeks to always act with social responsibility, focusing on customer satisfaction.

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